Die Kunst des Handfilterns: Perfektioniere deinen Kaffee mit dieser Anleitung - Nordlicht Kaffee

The art of hand filtering: Perfect your coffee with these instructions


  • Coffee quantity: 19g
  • Water quantity: 300g
  • Grinding level: medium to coarse (EK43 - 12.5)
  • Water temperature: 95 degrees



  • The magic of hand filtering

Hand filtering coffee is much more than just a preparation method – it is an art. With the right technique, you can optimally extract the flavors and nuances of coffee and create a drink that goes far beyond the usual morning kick. In this article, we'll show you how to perfect your coffee with a hand filter, from selecting the beans to the final tasting.

  • The right amount of coffee beans

Start with 19g of freshly ground coffee beans. The choice of beans is crucial to the final taste experience. Pay attention to fresh beans and choose between different degrees of roasting and regions of origin depending on your preference.

  • The right amount of water

If you use too much water, the coffee will be too watery. If you use too little water, the coffee will be too strong. In these instructions I use 300g water. Adjust your water amount the next time you brew depending on what you prefer.

  • The right temperature of the water

If the water is too hot, your coffee will turn bitter. If your water is too cold, your coffee will be more acidic. Find your right temperature for your brewing process. If you don't have a kettle where you can't adjust the temperature. Let your water finish boiling until it shuts itself off and write down how long you let it cool down. Start with 4 minutes on your first try. If your coffee is too sour on the first try, only wait 3 minutes next time. If your coffee is bitter, wait 5 minutes next time.

My tip to you! Just start and see how your coffee tastes. If you change something, always only change one parameter, otherwise in the end you won't know what the problem was and what led to the change.

We start!

Step 1: The flowering phase

The flowering phase is the first key to a great coffee. First pour 50g of water over the ground coffee and let it rest for 30 seconds. During this time, carbon dioxide escapes from the beans, resulting in a more even extraction and releasing the flavors.

Step 3: The pouring

After the flowering phase, it's time to add the remaining water. Pour more water over the ground coffee in 50g increments, making sure that the water is always just before it drains away completely. This ensures even extraction and prevents over-extraction or under-extraction, resulting in a balanced and rich taste.

Step 4: Perfecting

During the infusion, it is important to monitor the process and make adjustments if necessary. Make sure the water is evenly distributed throughout the grounds for consistent extraction. Experiment with different grind settings and water temperatures to find your personal perfect coffee.

Step 5: Taste your coffee

Once you've reached your desired amount of water, it's time to enjoy your hand-filtered coffee. Pour it into your favorite cup and take a moment to enjoy the flavors. Pay attention to nuances of fruitiness, acidity and sweetness and be surprised by the subtle differences that careful hand filtration can produce.

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