• Producer: Family Brioschi
  • Region: Espirito Santo
  • Farm: Fazenda Providencia
  • Mounting height: 950 masl
  • Variety: Red & Yellow Catuai
  • Process: Washed

The Brioschi family began working immediately upon their arrival from Italy
Brazil in 1950 with coffee cultivation. In 1985, with the help of Antonio, Reginaldo and Gilberto, Anacleto Brioschi began planting the farm exclusively in coffee and moving away from other crops. By 1999, they were able to purchase a zeroer to further improve the quality and all elements of coffee preparation on the farm. The farm is now planted with 20,000 Arabica trees, mainly Catucai and red and yellow Catuai. The Brioschi family takes part in local training, courses and seminars whenever possible to improve their quality. They are currently participating as volunteer research producers at the Federal Institute of Espirito Santo. Through these courses and others, they have found ways to improve fertilization, pruning and finishing techniques. Overall, they have seen a continuous increase in quality and are now able to regularly produce coffees with an SCA score of 84-85 points.