Wild Lazo

  • Finca: El Diviso
  • Farmer: Wild Lazo
  • Origin: San Adolfo. Huila. Colombia
  • Mounting height: 1,480-1. 650 meters
  • Farm size: 18 ha
  • Lot size: 6 ha
  • Planted: 2017
  • Variety: Pink Bourbon
  • Fermentation: 24 hours in the coffee cherry, 100 hours in the pulp, both anaerobic
  • Drying: 12 days in Parabólicos (drying tunnels)
  • Process: Semi-washed

Wilder Lazo is actually a veterinarian and specializes in livestock breeding. When the price of coffee continued to decline in 2016 and his father became seriously ill, he decided to bring the family business on the farm into shape together with his brother.
At the beginning, their coffees were 80-83 points on the cupping scale, despite complex processes and preparation. Wilder began examining soil samples and using targeted nutrients and fertilizers with which he could neutralize the pH value and thus increase the availability of nutrients for the coffee bushes. He calls this high precision agriculture.

Anaerobic fermentation highlights the actual coffee character, as most microorganisms work much more slowly than in aerobic “fermentation” (actually more correctly called oxidation, not fermentation, since fermentation is by definition an anaerobic process). In coffee preparation, however, everything that happens between picking and drying is incorrectly referred to as fermentation.
Wilder Lazo ensures that the soil is very well supplied with nutrients, then the fully ripe, extremely large fruits are harvested and washed into water tanks to separate them from impurities and floating beans.
For the Peachy Boys process, the Pink Bourbon cherries are fermented anaerobically for 100 hours. The pulp is then removed and fermented for another 100 hours in 200l barrels. A pressure valve allows CO2 to escape when the pressure rises above 50 PSI. The coffee is then washed without removing all of the pulp.
According to Wilder Lazo, the pressure helps create fruity sweetness as well as spicy flavors.
This pink bourbon tastes primarily of tropical fruits, floral with a tangy citrus acidity.